Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Recap

I am obviously playing catch up on the blog since I have not posted anything in a couple weeks. That being said, I will start with our Easter recap. Let's just say that Easter did not go the way I had hoped.

Saturday, Emerson and Steve dyed Easter eggs. Emy was so excited.

She can't wait to see the finished product!
Ooooo, pretty!
Patiently waiting on the rest.
Look at my pretty egg.
Finished eggs. Emerson was very pleased with herself. After naptime we took the eggs one step farther and glittered them. She thoroughly enjoyed that part too.
Saturday night, I woke up to the sound of Steve in the bathroom. Throwing up. Awesome. He came back to bed and told me it was just something he ate and that he was fine. Wrong. Steve woke up Easter morning still feeling terrible and had a fever.

He sequestered himself to our bedroom for the day and we tried to go on with Easter without him. Thank goodness my grandmother was here to help with the kiddos. I made the executive decision not to take the kids to church. I hated not going but I just could not handle the thought of spreading germs to others or someone else getting sick while we were at church.

When I told Emerson that we could not go to church because daddy was sick her biggest concern was that she was not going to get to wear her Easter clothes. I told her not to worry, that she would still get to wear her pretty dress while we hunted eggs later that morning.

Here are the kiddos for their Easter 2011 picture.
After the "official" pictures were taken we went out back to see what the Easter bunny had left. Here is Ashton checking out his Easter basket. (wearing the same bunny ears that sister did on her first Easter).
Emy hunting eggs with her new basket that is almost as big as she is.
Watching sister hunt for eggs. Mainly because she was squealing with joy at every egg she found. Even when she found Ashton's eggs. She would scream, "Ashy, I found an egg for you...look!" It was really cute.
Emerson checking out the contents of her egg.
Ashton checking out his egg.
Tasting his egg.
One of the two times that Steve came out of the bedroom on Easter. He didn't want to miss the egg hunt. He stayed on the opposite side of the yard from us. It was really side.
We finished off the day with a traditional Easter dinner. It was definitely not the same without Steve. We missed him but he stayed in bed and slept and was much better on Monday. Thank goodness.



Stephanie said...

Emy, of course was so photogenic! And ash! Wow! Can we say killer cute in that jon jon with the bunny ears!?!?! I melt. Little boys in Easter clothes just really melt my heart.

K said...

Great pictures! :)