Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Emerson's first purchase

Emerson has been really into money lately. I have been waiting for the appropriate moment to make a teachable experience out of money. That moment finally came this past weekend. We had a huge garage sale. Emerson picked out some toys to sell (more like mommy picked them out). I told her that the money she made from her toys sales she could take and use to buy a new toy. She really liked that idea.

The garage sale came and went. And was a huge success. I decided that instead of giving her the actual profits from her toys it would be easier to just do a nice round number. So, I gave her $10. We took that money to Target. In her purse. Which she held tightly the entire time.

We cruised up and down the toy aisles. She pointed out many things that she wanted. Most of which were way too expensive. (What can I say, she has mommy's taste). Anyways, after about 20 minutes of looking and debating and looking and debating, Emerson selected a new baby doll. The exact same baby that she already knows and loves. Just a different color. I am not lying.

I tried telling her that it was the same baby she already had but she was adamant. Fine. No arguing from me. There are much worse things that she could want. So, we walked to the register and Emerson made her very first purchase. All by herself. We opened the new baby as soon as we got into the car and Emy named her baby Ally.

The cutest thing about the entire experience was that when we were walking back to the car with her purchase, Emerson kept telling me how excited baby Ally was to finally have a mommy and that she was so tired of sitting on that shelf all alone:)

Without further adieu, meet baby Ally.