Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Emerson lately

I haven't written anything about what Emerson is up to lately. Since I am playing catch-up, I thought this would be a good time.
As Emerson is getting closer to 4 she is getting so much more mature. It never ceases to amaze me.

Emy is going through another growth spurt. She is eating us out of house and home as well as being back to her traditional long afternoon naps.

Her first dance recital is coming up in a couple weeks. It will be the true test of if she really likes dance or not. So far, I have not been able to get a true reading. Her opinion changes daily. I am also interested to see how she does on stage in front of a huge audience. I am expecting tears. Anything better than that I will consider a success.

Emerson is more in love with Ashton every day. She is constantly asking to play with him. And the thing about it is that she plays appropriately. Meaning she plays at his level and not hers. She plays peek-a-boo and his musical toys. And he absolutely loves it.

Every night when Emy kisses Ash good night, she says the same thing, "Night night Ashy. I love you. I will be here when you wake up so we can play." Sigh. Melt my heart.

We have been talking to Emerson about the swim lessons that she is going to take this summer. You see, she hates having water in her face or eyes. I mean hates it. To the point of screaming in the bath. Anyways, lately when she cries in the bath we have been saying, "Emy what are you going to do when you take swim lessons this summer? You will have to put your face in the water then." Her response every single time? "No I won't. I will just wear a mask." She is in for a shock when she finds out this is not true.

I recorded the royal wedding on Friday and told Emerson that she could watch it after school. She could not get over the fact that it was a real prince and princess. Her eyes were glued to the tv and she kept saying, "The princess is soooo pretty, mommy".

She is really into kicking the soccer ball with daddy. I know Steve has a lot to do with this but she loves it so much. Soccer might be in her near future.

Emerson talks about what she wants for her birthday (that is 6 months away) almost everyday. The latest thing on her list of wants is money. To clarify, I asked her what she would do with the money. She told me that she would buy toys but that she wanted to ask for money so that she could buy the toys. Great, let the shopping addiction begin. At the age of 3.

We have recently discovered that in addition to her cantaloupe allergy, she cannot eat watermelon. Not sure if it is a full blown allergy or just an intolerance to it. Either way, it is out of the diet.

Well, that is all that comes to mind at the time being. Sorry for the randomness...just wanted to make sure that I get these bits and pieces down before I forget them:)