Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What on earth have we been up to?

I feel like we have been so busy. The thing about it is that we have nothing to show for it. Emerson is still not actually crawling, but she is still getting into everything. I cannot imagine what our world will become when she is truly mobile. Yikes.

For those mommies out there, you know how the kiddos go through different developmental changes at different times--ie, one facet excels while everything else is on the back burner? Well, a couple weeks ago was the physical development- the pulling up and attempting to crawl. Now Emy has taken a break from that and is on to verbal development. She is talking and babbling all the time. It is absolutely precious. In the car, she stares in the mirror that is in the back with her and just talks to herself. The sounds are so sweet. Her favorites right now are Dada, Baba, Yaya and she FINALLY got Mama yesterday. Obviously, none of these "words" mean anything to nothing to her yet, but they will soon.

Also in the language development category, Emy understands A LOT. I have been practicing asking her to do simple things or telling her to stop simple things and she is starting to understand things. I can ask her to put something somewhere and she will do it. It amazes me how smart babies are! So, once this language phase is over, I know that she will be back to physical development and will surprise us one day by crawling all over the place!

Anyways, I just wanted to check in and let everyone know what was happening since I have not posted with an update (other than pics) in a while. Hope your weeks are off to a great start.



Jenny said...

Hey! Emerson is adorable...so precious! And I'm loving your new sewing obsession...totally impressive!! I wish I had that talent!!

I know what you mean about one aspect developing for a while and then another. Ryder is the opposite of Emerson...crawled at 7 months, but wasn't saying a lot of "words". Just over the past week he's started saying more...lots of "mama" and "baba". I was worried at first, but it's true, they just all develop at their own pace. It looks like Emerson's about to crawl...she's already pulling up and standing up really well. Watch out...life really does change when they're crawling!! (but it's really fun...you just can't leave the room!!) Hope we can get the kids together soon!!


CeCe said...

Ha! Maybe I miss represented myself... I was the supervisor on this tile project! However, Chris did build the pergola! BYW-I love seeing pics of Emerson, she is soo cute!

TJ Wilson said...

Sabrina - she is so, so adorable! that smile is one of the brightest I've seen. Look forward to catching up soon...