Monday, May 2, 2011

When daddy is in charge...

This is what Emerson ends up wearing. Please notice all the details and take this in. Tshirt from China that is a size too small. Check. Plaid shorts that are a size too big. Check. Cowboy boots. Check. Clippies in hair that don't match either. Check.

Yes, my child looks like she could be homeless. This is what happens when daddy is in charge. Good thing she loves "Daddy days". I guess I can overlook the homeless clothing because having fun with daddy is all that matters.



J A Hynek said...

My husband can't dress himself in matching clothing most days so I never expect him to get the boys dressed in anything other than "the homeless child" outfit. On those days when I have to leave for work early and Hubby gets the kids ready and off to daycare, I always leave the clothes they are supposed to wear laid out for them. This works most of the time, although there have been days where he 'improvises'.

BronwynST said...

Same thing happens in our house. It must be written in the Bible somewhere.