Thursday, March 6, 2008

Diagnosis: A Cold

Well, we thought that we were all over the cold yesterday. Everything had cleared up and Emerson seemed in better spirits. Then she woke up this morning with more coughs and congestion. So, I called the pediatrician to get some advice. We had already tried the humidifier, vaporizer, saline drops, tylenol, extra fluids and lots of use of the nasal aspirator. I was hoping the nurse would give me something else to try and that would be that.

"Let's go ahead and have her come in," says the nurse. I am thinking, fine but I know it is just a cold. Anyways, I load up Emy into the car and drag her to the pediatrician's office. Keep in mind that it is pouring a combination of rain and sleet and FREEZING outside. Lovely.

So, we get to the doctor's office, he checks her out and much to my surprise, Emerson has a cold. Shocking. The doc says to just keep doing what we are doing and make sure she does not spike a new fever. So, back home we go. I swear I probably made her more sick by taking her to the germy doctor's office. Oh well, chaulk it up to first time parenting.




Amanda said...

The last two times I've taken Jackson for his "well child check-up," he has gotten sick immediately afterward. That drives me nuts! I do not want to be a germophobe, but it's hard when you have good reason to be. I hope Emy gets to feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I sooooo hear you! I hate taking Lorica and Meredith to their well baby checkups with all the other sick kids. Yuck! There should be an entirely seperate building for the well babies. :) You will just have to tatoo 'germaphobe' on my forehead. I actully put both girls in the bathtub as soon as we get home from the ped. I know it does absolutely nothing to protect them but I just can't help it. :) - Bronwyn

J A Hynek said...

Colds are tough on brand new mommy. I am fairly relaxed about them as long as the child can breathe well enough to sleep at night. Maybe that comes from being a nurse's daughter. Really the only thing you can do is to ride them out and do the things you were doing. I also use a crib wedge under the crib mattress to elevate John's head as he sleeps to help keep the snot from pooling in his sinuses, which helps him breath at night. In a pinch you can get the same effect by putting books under the legs of the crib at one end.

As far as going to the germy doc's office. We usually sit apart from the other people in the waiting room if possible. Of course Hank just runs to the fish tank where all the other kids are congregating and sneezing on each other. Oh well.....