Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A quick recap

Looking back, I really should have started this during my pregnancy so that all the moments were captured. Well, I didn't so now I am going to get everyone officially caught up on life with Emerson.

Emerson, "Emy", was born October 25, 2007 via c-section. She was 7lbs 5oz and just beautiful from the beginning. Coming home from the hospital was so exciting. Steve and I felt like we were finally starting our life as a family. The first 6 weeks were pretty normal. It seemed like something new happened every day. Emy was learning about her new world. About that time, Steve and I thought it would be a good time for me to quit my job, sell our house and move so that we could afford for me to stay home full time. Let me tell you, packing and moving with an infant at Christmas time is insane! I do not recommend this to anyone.

After we got "settled" into our new home, things got really exciting. Emy was smiling all the time and really starting to play with things. She was constantly "talking" to us and really engaging her environment. This is also about the time that the sleep issues started. Emerson does not like to sleep. Her daytime sleep is erratic at best. She takes 30-45 minute cat-naps at a time. At night she does okay until about 2am and then it gets crazy. Needless to say, we are still working through these issues.

The past couple of months have continued to be a joy. She started rolling over, eating solid foods and is currently getting over her first cold. That about wraps it up in a nutshell. Now that you are all caught up to speed, enjoy reading about our future adventures.




Amanda said...

Yeah! I'm so excited! And I also hate that Emy is still having sleep issues. Bless your heart!