Monday, March 31, 2008

Is it really another cold?

Didn't Emerson just get over a cold? Yes! I swear she has only been "healthy" for a couple of weeks. What happened today? Well the typical signs started popping up this morning- sneezing, coughing, runny nose and a low grade fever. Of course all of these signs were coupled with clinginess and a dash of fussiness. So, tonight after bath time I started up the vicks vaporizer and lathered Emy in baby vicks. We will see how she sleeps tonight and how she does tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for improvement.

Speaking of illness, Steve came down with a stomach bug at approximately 3am this morning. I knew it was bad when he crawled back into bed telling me that he had a fever of 100.8 and had taken some medicine. For my husband to have gotten up to find the thermometer and taken his temperature, in the middle of the night no less, I knew it had to be serious. I could not help but say a prayer right then and there that Emerson and I would not contract this bug. It seems that the bug has begun to pass and Steve is feeling much better after a day of sleep, dry toast, soup and gatorade. So much for a relaxing and enjoyable day off. Hopefully the week only gets better and the stomach bug is gone for good.

On a happier note, Emerson has FINALLY started laughing. Well, I wouldn't call it a laugh as much as a giggle. It is always very short and fleeting, but it is precious just the same. The things she laughs at are a little odd too. Emerson rarely laughs when tickled or funny faces are made. Instead she typically giggles when her cheek is touched a certain way or when I make random sounds. She has yet to laugh at Steve, but then again he is not as persistent as I am. I spend so much time trying to get her to laugh that when she finally lets out her tiny giggle, it is priceless.