Monday, March 17, 2008

The Learning Weekend

We have 3 nights of sleep training down and what a difference! Friday night was terribly hard. At one point Emerson was up for 3 hours and would not go back to sleep. It took everything I had not to cave and rock her to sleep. I was so sure that Emy would wake up on Saturday morning crabby and angry. Much to my surprise, she was her usual smiley self. That gave me the confidence to see that the training is working and that she was not angry with me. Saturday night, her longest stint awake was only 40 minutes. Last night, she was only awake for a combined 34 minutes between 3 wake ups! I can only pray that tonight is even better.

Emerson also tried peas for the first time this weekend. I can happily report that she likes them as much as her mommy. In fact, I am about to fix her more for lunch. On top of the sleeping and the new veggie, Emerson also rolled over from back to front for the first time. It was so funny because she would get all the way onto her side and then get stuck. She was getting so frustrated that she could not figure out how to go the last little bit from her side to her belly. She finally figured it out and squealed with joy when she did it. Since then she has been practicing a lot with only a few successful attempts.

The biggest blessing of all is that Steve and I actually enjoyed our weekend. We had built up this "training weekend" so much that we were completely dreading it. Friday night was bad, but we woke up Saturday morning to the beautiful weather and a smiling baby. Emy did pretty good all day eventhough she was exhausted. I got out of the house for a few house to get my haircut and have lunch with a friend (Yippee!). Later, the three of us enjoyed time outside and playing together as a family. All-in-all the weekend turned out to be pretty pleasant and it happened to be productive too.