Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Easter is one of, if not my most favorite holiday. I love being reminded of Jesus' sacrifice for us and the fact that he is risen, I love being with family, I love the children hunting for eggs and I adore spring. This Easter was extra special because we got to spend it with Emerson and Steve's family.

Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful weather and spent most of the day chatting outside. We decided to go to Saturday night service at our church for several lengthy reasons which I will not go into. About 5 minutes into the service the nursery called saying that "Emerson is very upset". Oh geez- I knew this must be pretty bad because they had never called before. So, I went to get her and I have never seen her so upset. It broke my heart. There were tears just streaming down her face. I thought that maybe something was wrong, but the second that I held her she instantly laid her head on my chest and calmed down. Emy just wanted her mommy. Note to self- Emy does not like new experiences so close to bedtime.

Sunday was wonderful too. All 5 1/2 of us went to the Renaissance Worthington for their famous Easter brunch. Being the huge breakfast food fan that I am, I always look forward to any kind of buffet where it is served. This buffet is the ultimate though- you can start with breakfast and then have lunch, dinner and dessert all in one meal. It is the only place that you can get away with eating eggs, waffles, sushi, fish, cheese, fruit and cake all in one setting. Needless to say, we all needed to change pants and take a nap after the massive meal.

Here is Emerson with her Easter basket

Here is Emy all dresed up in her Easter dress. Check out the sweet flower in her hair!

Here we all are at the Worthington before brunch



Amanda said...

That brunch sounds amazing! Is that little outfit from Babies R Us? I saw it or one like it a few weeks ago and nearly died over it. So cute! She is such a her mommy!

Erin said...

I thought that picture of Emy in the ruffle bottoms and bunny ears was the cutest I'd ever seen...until the one in her Easter dress, she has to be the most photogenic baby girl EVER!

And there is a Mother's Day brunch at South Shore Harbour (in clear lake) that sounds just like your Easter brunch, it is literally the one meal I look forward to all year!

J A Hynek said...

Priceless pictures.....

I was thinking about her melt down at the church nursery.... She may be starting to go through her separation anxiety phase. My mother-in-law calls it "making strange". Simply put, anytime you leave her with someone with whom she is unfamiliar and then leave her sight, she freaks. Both my boys started that pahse right around the time they started rolling over. My youngest is still in that phase at 10 months old now.