Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday randomness

Last night it finally happened. Emerson slept from 8pm to 7am without making a sound. She woke up at 7:05am on her tummy and smiling. It was so precious. I cannot believe that she finally slept through the night. I seriously never thought that it would happen. Praise the Lord!

Today Emerson and I went to our friend Kari's to "play" with Rylie, Meghann and Hayden. I use the term "play" very loosely seeing as Emy and Hayden just sort of roll around while Rylie plays with them. Rylie is two and, like the typical toddler, she is in to everything. So she would play with the babies for a little while and then run off to have a tea party, play with her baby doll or ride her new bicycle. I always look forward to our playdates with Kari and Meghann because it is an excuse to see my friends and have a little bit of adult conversation and interaction. When Steve and I moved to Fort Worth, leaving our home so close to both Kari and Meghann was one of the hardest things for me. While it is not nearly as convenient to see them anymore, we are pretty good about making an effort to see each other once or twice a month.

On a different note, I am so happy that it is Friday. I know that we just had a holiday weekend with Easter and all, but we have another holiday weekend in our house. Thank you Tarrant County for giving Steve, Cesar Chavez day off. We have absolutely no plans this weekend other than staying out of the rain and enjoying Steve having Monday off. Yippee for long weekends and short work weeks.

Just for fun

Have a super weekend!


Amanda said...

Yeah! Woo hoo! Way to go, Emy!

Amy said...

Yay for sleeping! ac